Adult Braces Clinic is a reputed dental practice in London where our dentists look after oral care needs of patients. We have different treatment options for your dental complications so that you can restore your smile and confidence. By performing Invisalign braces, you can get your teeth straightened from our braces provider for adult in London. We are offering discounts of £1000 off now on all Invisalign treatments for your convenience.

We provide the following treatments to patients:

• Invisalign
• Invisalign Full
• Invisalin Lite
• Invisalign Teen
• Ceramic Braces
• Clear Braces
• Lingual Braces
• Braces for Children

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Emmi Marley

Marketing Manager

HI, I am Emmi, a professional marketer, associated with Adult Braces Clinic for a long time. It is one of the reputed clinics in this metropolitan city, providing all types of braces such as ceramic, lingual, six month smiles and Invisalign in London to the people out there. You can get invisible treatment at our clinic with an amazing discount of £1000.

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Invisalign Braces

Invisalign offers in London at Adult Braces Clinic, get £1000 off on all Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth. Book a consultation today: 02031373179.

  • I would recommend this business

I had stopped wearing retainers after a previous tooth straightening. The staff were very kind and did not tell me off! The work I have had done so far has been excellent and I am looking forward to a new more confident smile in a shorter time than with traditional braces!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

I have had crooked teeth since I was a child. I went to Adult Braces for advice and help. I have decided that I will go ahead with Invisalign invisible braces, very soon and am pleased at the relatively short time it will take.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

I was suffering teeth that had moved back after I stopped wearing my retainer. The dentists at Adult Braces Clinic took a lot of time helping me and I am now having treatment to help me on my way to a great smile.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I decided to finally straighten my teeth, using Invisalign. Since I have other underlying issues with my teeth, I feel that they will never look perfect, but hopefully will have enough improvement to not be embarrassed to smile, good price and friendly staff, Thank you

It's a great way to straighten your teeth. I finished my invisalign treatment around 3 weeks ago and ive been smiling every day since. So happy.

I have just finished 14 months of invisalign treatment and it was worth every second of it. Would definitely recommend.

I needed to see a dentist for tooth position correction and found Adult Braces Clinic. I was very pleased to find a dentist that could help me and am now looking forward to straighter teeth at a very good price.


Guide to Invisalign Braces by Dentist in London

For more guidance about the various Invisalign Braces treatments that are available, please say the following video: - For more information at:

Invisalign is today's highest decision about treatment of dental practitioners and orthodontists with the end goal of giving their patients the wanted look and unafraid smile, the main advantage is unquestionably identified with looks, because of which it is so well known. More details visit @

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From Our Website

Invisalign Full is the original system from Invisalign that helps in treating a wide range of teeth alignment issues. Invisalign Full uses a series of customised aligners that fit perfectly around the patients' teeth. With the help of our industry-leadingClinCheck technology, we can create a 3D virtual treatment plan through digital impressions of your teeth. This shows how your teeth will appear at each stage of the treatment and how long Invisalign Full will take to correct these complications.

Invisalign clear aligners are the only aligners that use SmartTrack material, and that means ease of removing and reapplying and always - comfort. Following your particular details, SmartForce Attachments are tooth-coloured and small shapes that will be attached to your teeth for your treatment. The mandibular advancement feature fixes overbites in teens while it straightens the teeth. The precision wings allow the lower jaw to move to improve bite and the appearance of the chin area. I had been interested in getting Invisalign braces for sometime.

We have undertaken all the changes we needed to make to ensure the safety of our patients, our staff and the general public. We have bought the latest HEPA and UVC air purifier for our surgeries to further endure patient and staff safety. We have always maintained a very high standard of infection control but that has now been increased to the highest level to include all non-clinical areas as well as undertaking constant disinfecting, everywhere. We are using top quality Personal Protection Equipment but are also going beyond the recommendations and providing this wear to non-clinical staff.

Dental veneers, simply called veneers, are dental restorations made with tooth-coloured thin shells, which the dentist permanently attaches to the front area of the teeth. Dental veneers help improve the appearance of the teeth and smile. A dental veneer may be made from composite resin or porcelain material. You can use dental veneers to correct different types of dental cosmetic issues like discoloured, irregularly-shaped, broken or chipped teeth. You can fix dental veneers on a damaged tooth or fix them on your 6 - 8 front teeth to make your smile symmetrical.

Every individual wants to have that perfect smile they have always dreamt of, without having to worry about the numerous inconveniences commonly attached with the traditional metal braces. Orthodontic treatments are known to revitalise your smile, heighten your self-esteem as well as build your self-confidence, which is why so much time and effort are invested into choosing the right braces for the best look. There are varieties of cosmetic braces which you can easily select from, including ceramic braces.

The entire process of taking your smile from where it is to where you desire it to be is called a smile makeover. So many persons may have unique reasons for transforming their smile, and the cosmetic surgeon ensures your special considerations are evaluated while improving that smile upon your face. Certain aspects of your face are considered including the colour of your face, tone of your skin, the colour of hair, lips, gum tissue, and all aspects of your teeth like colour, length, shape, width, and tooth display.

Invisalign braces are higher in price when compared to traditional ones. This is the price most people would like to pay for enjoying the benefits of having straighter teeth. The cost for Invisalign depends on the complexity of your treatment and the expected time span. Orthodontists may charge different prices for each braces type. For example, your dental examination may qualify you for an Invisalign Lite and its cost will be lower than that of Invisalign Full. We may project the cost for Invisalign to be around 1, 500 - 5,500 in London, UK, on an average.