A New Option for Denture wearers offering state of the art dentures at affordable prices. Bespoke hand crafted excellence in denture technology now available to all denture wearers in the Rotherham area of South Yorksire. We pride ourselves in providing a personal individualised yet professional service to all our patients.

All our staff are vastly experienced in all aspects of dentures both the technical as well as the clinical which makes us unique.
Having been trained in a market that only supports private dentistry our skills are unsurpassed and continually developed to keep up with the latest technological advancements. Couple this with the proven German materials you as the patient can only benefit.

In addition to new Dentures we offer an emergency Repair service which takes 30 minutes and can be done While U Wait.
Copy dentures give you a spare duplicate of your existing comfortable set. A laboratory Deep Clean and Disinfection 20 mins service maintains the dentures integrity and helps combat infections and bad breath.

Partial Chrome Cobalt and Flexible dentures are also available. We offer denture Relines and rebases to extend the life of your existing denture, whilst a soft lining helps cushion painful dentures. Home visits are available for those unable to attend a clinic for treatment. Initial consultations are free of Charge and obligation! Contact us now to begin your unique new denture experience!!!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Express Denture service New Dentures (in one day)
  • Denture Repairs 30 mins (while U wait)
  • Home Visits

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • General Dental Council
  • British association of Clinical Dental Technicians

Serviced Areas

  • Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield, Dearne Valley area

Payment Options

  • Cash, Credit/ Debit cards

Contact Details

  City Rotherham
  Postcode S65 1BL
  Address 151 Effingham Street
  Phone Number 017 0983 8356

Products & Services

New Basic Dentures

An affordable quality hand made denture set with base range acrylic and budget teeth. An Industry leading aftercare programme is part of this deal.

Emergency Denture Repair

A 30 minute repair service that can be done while U wait. This includes an assessment of why it broke and advise for further breakage prevention.

Denture Relines and rebase service

Some times all a denture needs is a reline or a soft lining added to resecure its fit or add a cushion to the fitting surface to ease pain and discomfort. These senarios will allways discussed in full as they are not allways the ideal treatment. But our aftercare programme will see you through!!

Home visits

This allows denture treatments to be provided to those unable to attend a clinic due to ill health or motobility issues. We provided 3500 odd sets of dentures to the residents of Glasgow's carehomes between April 2011 and October 2013 so home visits are second nature to us, giving you the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

Cosmetic and Comfi Dentures

Our "private" and state of the art ranges of dentures. Using dual and triple layered com[posite teeth and high impact acrylic in a hand crafted set up and then injection moulded using the Hereaus PALA-JET German system gives you the best money can buy. Our industry leading aftercare and product guarentee ensures that you have total peace of mind when you invest in these ranges.

  • I would recommend this business

Marina really helped my elderly disabled mother with new dentures. This lady is so kind & caring and an expert in dental work. Completion time & pricing were good. Would definitely recommend this clinic & I wish Marina well in her future work.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Brilliant service. Can smile again.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Comfy denture is very professional.& really makes you feel at ease very happy with my new dentures will definitely go there again thank you once again

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

This practice is only small but they really look after you.
I have worn denture's for 50 years and always had problems with discomfort and the top set broke at least once a year costing a great deal of money to repair.
After a long discussion with them I was advised to have a metal pallet so I went ahead and in a very short time I was walking about with a lovely comfortable set of unbreakable denture's.
This was down to the sheer talent of Mariana the dental technician.
I have been back several times for slight adjustments and nothing is too much trouble for her and she always has a nice smile for you. This practice deserves to succeed because you just can't get better anywhere.
This is that first time I have sent a review on anything but really appreciate their service

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

New dentures very comfortable I can recommend comfi dentures

Thank you very much comfi dentures for returning back my smile it feels great to be able to smile again without worrying about the gaps in my teeth top and lower the staff are very mobile friendly I was given the best advice what would be the best artificial replacement metal dentures for natural teeth I had some partial upper and lower dentures made it help the maintain the alignment of my remaining teeth and keep them from shifting I was in a hurry my dentures were ready in a couple of days and could wear them without any discomfort I did have to get them adjusted to make sure they fit well and comfortable and now you can't stop me smiling from cheek to cheek it is nice to know you can go somewhere knowing that you are looked after by the best specialist and very affordable prices and the best new is you can get the SMILE you deserve. Once again a big THANK YOU on returning my beautiful smile Comfi dentures

I had 4 freshly implants, with stitches from the surgery when unexpectedly I needed to go to an international conference in a week. I asked for help at ConfyDenture clinic. Marina assessed with professionalism the situation in my mouth and consulting me at every step of work she finished my full set denture in three days. It was perfect over my gums, regardless the implant work, still raw. In a week I run to India, happy because Marina found a solution fort my complicated situation: the quality, appearance and comfort- astonishing. In one year work on my implant supported dentistry the denture done by ConfyDenture laboratory served me fantastically; the dentist used it in the transitional faze because it was so perfectly suiting my case.
It saved me money, and my confidence.
I was able to run my own business, to teach confidently my classes.
I am grateful for Marina's competency to help me in that unusual situation in just 3 visits.
I recommend this laboratory with all my heart .

I had an NHS denture and the teeth were coming loose. I went here and the range of dentures were fully explained. I now have a metal denture which is very thin and comfortable and doesn't move around at all. The customer service was excellent, nothing was too much trouble. As I work full time appointments were made around this, thanks so much for this great denture and all your help.

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@Merentia so technitian will not get his payment for hard work of making the dentures?
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From Our Website

Our Denture Clinic and Dental Laboratory based in Rotherham in South Yorkshire offers you the full range of denture services. Our aim at ComfiDenture is to provide a Comfortable New Dentures for all our patients, enabling them to recapture the confidence of the past in being able to smile, talk and laugh with the aid of healthy dentures. With well-fitting New Dentures, patients generally have better nutrition and overall improvement in their health and well-being. All our staff is highly trained and GDC registered.

We specialise in making Comfortable Dentures in our state of the art Dental Laboratory and Clinic. We enjoy a very good reputation among our patients and highly trained dentists. Home Visits are our main area of expertise, where we can offer you very fast service in making a New Denture set at home for people who are suffering with Parkinson's disease, Osteoporosis, Artritis, Dementia and have suffered a recent stroke are not excluded to our long list of patients whom we can offer our New Denture Home Visit service.

For full dentures we offer different types of teeth and additions, like a soft lining for the bottom denture. We can put your name inside the denture, in case you misplace it, dentures will find its owners. Reconstruction of the smile from the photographs from the past is available. If you have any photo you can help our professionals to recreate the smile you would like to have. If you are wearing the same set of dentures for a long time and have got used to them, but the dentures have become weary, we can offer a denture duplication.

Holders of their first pair of dentures may consider themselves unfortunate enough to have to contemplate depression and even suicide. So we may assume that the mood of them we have already begun to rectify when they found out that they are not alone in this world. My impression is that roughly a third of humanity wears dentures. They just do not all know about it. For any person their first Dentures are a big blow to the ego and self-esteem, especially for the beautiful half of humanity who somehow think that their men are now will not love them.

If your old dentures are ill-fitting and the occlusion is no longer balanced then we suggest you to make a new set of dentures. We offer a wide range of different types of dentures as a Standard Denture, Cosmetic Denture, Comfidenture Improved Occlusion teeth denture and Spherical Dentures. We can proudly say that can make you dentures directly as all Clinical Dental Technicians can. We also very experienced in Home Visits and can make you a New Set Of Dentures directly. New Denture services are all including aftercare services with any types of adjustments and Denture Ease.

Before providing Dentures to our patients we have to take impressions and we need 3/4 visits. Its more complicated to perform all these visits in a domiciliary environment. Finally it is also dependant on the attention span of the patient. Patient safety and risk is the priority and this will always be taken into consideration when our Clinical Dental Technician assesses each patient. Its either made poorly or patient mouth changed over time, i.e. bone resorption (shrink), poor muscles control, and dry mouth.

Well, dear reader, and the patient, here we come to the results of your bad attitude to your teeth. Let's talk about prosthetics in dentistry. At the same time, many patients often insist on such prostheses that simply banned in prosthetic dentistry, in many cases, there is no way to avoid a removable prosthesis, sometimes in order to reduce the cost of construction and at the same time ensure the strength necessary to produce cosmetic dentures with metal crowns. So, let's talk about different types of prostheses.