Aesthetic World are a Dental Laboratory specialisng in Dental restorations, crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, metal ceramics, mouthguards, and orthodontic services. Here at Aesthetic World, we operate one of the largest full service dental laboratories specialising in all aspects of dental restoration. We utilize latest techniques and we are pioneers of advanced dental technology.

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  City Bolton
  Postcode BL1 4SS
  Address Unit 4/Spa Rd Ind Est/Spa Rd
  Phone Number 012 0436 5622

From Our Website

Aesthetic World is a fully digital, award winning dental laboratory based in Bolton. Our lab provides quality products to dental practices across the UK. We use the latest 5 Axis scanning and milling technology to ensure our dentists receive the highest quality in production. Using the latest CAD CAM software we are able to design and manufacture digital Chrome Cobalts.

We offer a full range of Orthodontic services for the specialist practitioner and the general dental practitioner with an interest in Orthodontics. We appreciate the importance of patient co-operation in successful orthodontic treatment and the role that comfortable, well fitting appliances play. The pro-shield mouthguards are essential kit for sportsmen and women who are looking for protection whilst competing in high impact sports. Available in a large range of colours and designs we can customize your gum shield to your exact requirements and even include your club logo or colours.

When it comes to dental implants and restorations we know the value of working with practitioners and oral surgeons as part of an overall team. We offer a comprehensive range of implant systems to ensure that we can cater for patients and surgeons who are looking to achieve natural aesthetics as near to their existing teeth as possible. Our experienced qualified technicians will help and advise on the suitable implant system for you and your patients. Our Precision Milled Bars and Frameworks are created with the technology to achieve a truly passive fit.

The laboratory operates a very successful chrome department and provide both NHS and Private Vitallium standard frameworks. Our NHS and Private chromes are manufactured with CE marked alloys and offer clinicians high quality chrome frameworks at an affordable price. Our Vitallium frameworks offer excellent bio compatible properties, which are reflected in the reliability and comfort of every Vitallium denture, they have remained the basis for the leading position of Vitallium alloys on the world market.

Zirlux Acetal is a millable resin with properties that closely mirror those of a natural tooth. Today's dentists are increasingly prescribing metal-free, removable partial dentures: with acetal you can now offer them a digitally produced, tooth-borne framework. Your lab can also offer your doctors thinner, more hygienic, virtually unbreakable acetal bite splints. Smile enhancing, patient retrievable acetal anterior bridges provide patients with an affordable alternative to other permanent treatment options such as veneers or orthodontia.

Aesthetic World have been providing digital dentistry in Bolton since 1989 but in 2014 we made significant investment to become a fully digital laboratory. Aesthetic World went fully digital laboratory to further support our clinician base with significant benefits that this platform provided. Whether you are looking for a single cosmetic crown or a full arch Zirconia smile makeover our technical ability, experience and technology means we provide our surgeons with the perfect blend of quality, service and price.