you want your dental work guaranteed, if you want a dental clinic that listens to you and what YOU want, and, if you want to be assured of the latest technology and some of the best dentistry available in the UK, then Appledore Clinic is the clinic for you. Our clientele are people from all walks of life, including well known celebrities and sports men and women. The one thing they all have in common - happy smiles.

Serviced Areas

  • Milton Keynes, Towcester & Buckingham

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  City Milton Keynes
  Postcode MK9 2EA
  Address 376 Midsummer Boulevard
  Phone Number 019 0823 5911

From Our Website

The clinical director at your local dentist in Milton Keynes is Dr Teresa Day, who graduated from Guys Dental Hospital in 1980. Dr Teresa has been one of the UK's leading cosmetic dentists for over 30 years and has a national and international reputation for creating beautiful smiles. As a nervous patient herself she insists that all her patients receive gentle treatment and in doing so has built a loyal following at her dental practice in Milton Keynes. Her particular area of expertise is straightening teeth without extractions.

Appledore is a 5* rated, friendly dental practice in Milton Keynes which offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments, suitable for all the family. Headed up by Teresa Day, a Clinical Director who trained at Guys Dental Hospital in London, the experienced team at Appledore Dental Clinic in central Milton Keynes focuses on delivering your dentistry in a comfortable and relaxed environment where even nervous patients feel perfectly at ease. We offer our patients a first rate dental service in Milton Keynes with access to the most cutting-edge technology in a friendly and comfortable setting.

Appledore believe it's important that all members of your family are cared for to a high standard, regardless of their age. Your children need to have regular preventive care to enable them to grow up with disease free mouths, and to allow them to keep their teeth for life. Here at your local dentist in Milton Keynes we offer free dental check ups to children (up to and including 16 years of age), providing one parent is a regular patient at Appledore, this check up can be at any time, if no parent is registered this free appointment has to be on a specific day of the month between 3pm and 5pm (please contact the clinic for up to date information).

Everyone is aware that a dental hygienist scales and polishes teeth, but at Appledore our hygienist therapist does that and much, much more. We advise regular visits to see our dental hygienist therapist as she will assist you in maintaining your stunning healthy smile. Emma will professionally clean your teeth as well as offering you recommendations and help with your home care. She will help you fight gum disease by using special medication in the pockets around your teeth and by showing you special cleaning methods.

Over time your face will naturally start to lose volume, and your skin will lose some of its natural elasticity. This is mainly what causes the visible signs of ageing: loose skin, lines and wrinkles. As we age, our bodies start to produce collagen at a slower rate, and struggle to renew skin cells as quickly. Of course, there are some things that can speed up that process, like exposure to UV (ultraviolet light), heavy drinking, smoking, stress and lack of sleep. With dermal fillers, you can lift and restore the volume in your cheeks, temples, chin and other areas of the face.

You can relax with a hot drink while you chat about how, and in what ways Appledore Dental can help to improve your smile. Day's Clinics Limited trading as Appledore Dental Clinic with its registered address at 376 Midsummer Boulevard Milton Keynes, MK9 2EA. Appledore Dental Clinic is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the Financial Services Register, reference number 926713.

Zoom advanced power teeth whitening is the most advanced in-clinic whitening procedure used to remove stains from teeth, this typically results in your teeth becoming around six - ten shades lighter after just one treatment. Individuals with hectic lifestyles may benefit from the fast-paced nature of zoom treatment, which is completed in just one visit to the dental clinic. How does Zoom work? - Your Appledore Clinician will cover your lips and gums with protection (you don't want your gums whitened), they then apply Zoom Advanced Power whitening gel to your teeth and activate the whitening gel with the Zoom Lamp.