There has been a dental practice at 30 Zetland Road since the 1920's and in 1997 it was purchased by its current owner Simon Dunn. Since acquiring the practice he has overseen a complete modernisation and redecoration programme which has lead to the practice now offering leading edge treatment in comfortable and contemporary surroundings.

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  • Bristol North

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  City Bristol
  Postcode BS6 7AB
  Address 30 Zetland Rd
  Phone Number 011 7942 4126

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Offering private, leading edge dental treatment in comfortable and contemporary surroundings. Simon Dunn is a specialist in Oral Surgery. Please note that we have a waiting time of 3-4 weeks for routine appointments and implant consultations. For new patients the waiting time is 6 weeks for the first consultation. If you require Hygienist treatment for a scale and polish then you are free to book in for this without the need to be registered. To access our emergency service you need to be a registered patient, been seen in the last 3 years and have had treatment which has been recommended completed.

Hannah Knight joined the practice in 2001 straight after qualification at Bristol Dental Hospital. She works part time between reception and surgery duties. Her GDC number is 126718. There might be a lot of familiar faces when you come to the Dentist each visit, and that's because all of our staff have been at Zetland Road together for at least 6 years, with the majority being a team for 13 years or more. We don't have a high turnover of staff and that's what makes us different as a practice. We are a close team who enjoy working together and we are all hospital trained so can help you with any queries you might have.

On many occasions this is simply to give reassurance that the treatment is appropriate before a patient commits but sadly it can be because treatment has been unsuccessful and there may be legal implications. If you are still unsure as to how to proceed then you are quite within your rights to seek another opinion. Zetland Road Dental Practice provides a full estimate for each and every course of treament and where treatemnt is complex in nature such as implant dentistry a personalised written treatment letter is issued.

The use of porcelain and tooth coloured filling materials can greatly enhance the appearance of a person's smile. This can be either carrying out work that has to be done, or something that somebody wants but that has no health benefit, in a way that enhances their appearance. Please select a service from the subsections listed on the right for more details. Simon Dunn is one of only a small number of dentists in the area trained and licensed to place Lumineers. Tooth decay is primarily caused by the frequency with which we have food and drink containing sugar.

Under recent changes to practicing guidelines patients can now have direct access to our hygienist service without being registered at the practice. All of the active treatment is carried out by our hygienist Claire Gazzard. Treatment may range from straight forward scaling and polishing with advice on how to maintain a healthy mouth through to deep scaling known as root planning for established gum disease. Claire is able to give local anaesthetic if necessary and is very used to having to treat nervous patients.

The following is a guide to prices but a full estimate is given for every course of treatment and includes comparative fees if there are several treatment options available. New parking restrictions are now in place in Redland and surrounding areas with enforcement starting on 4th August. There are pay and display bays close to the practice, please ensure you do not park in permit only bays. Parking is free for the first 30 minutes although you must still show a ticket (by entering your registration number and pressing the greeen button without putting money in), and then 1 per hour thereafter.

This allows for the bone into which the implant is placed to heal around the implant and become united with it, a process referred to as osseo-integration. This process can take from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the density and strength of the bone in the area being implanted. Once healed the implant(s) can then be used to provide support for a variety of restorative options. Often more than one tooth is lost in an area of the mouth and the distance between the two closest teeth is too far to consider placing a conventional fixed bridge for fear of overloading the remaining teeth.