At Gentle Dental we think that we will be better able to provide a concerted approach to patient care if we are all working towards the same aim. Our philosophy is really quite simple- we aim to provide good quality dental treatment in a pain free manner. In order to provide the best and most appropriate treatment, we aim to: Administer local anaesthetic where appropriate in a skilful and comfortable manner. Wait until the patient is happy that a tooth is numb before starting treatment.

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All of the laboratory work provided for our patients is CE marked and meets or exceeds current regulations. We accept Patient Referrals from other practices for CBCT Scans, Implants, Periodontics, Oral Surgery and Sedation. This is the background of the Bottom Area shown below. It'll display correctly on published site. If you don't want background for the bottom area, simply hover over the bottom of this image to delete it. The background of the bottom area will be a solid dark color.

The best treatment for an anxious patient is kindness and consideration. At Gentle Dental, we take great care to ensure stress and pain free dentistry is practised. Some patients, however, will need a little extra help. How do these procedures work? Hypnosis will usually take between 1 and 6 hours and our aim is usually to teach the patient self-hypnosis techniques to use during treatment. We will sometimes also give patients tapes to use at home to perfect technique. Each session is usually of an hours duration.

We have two types of tooth whitening. Both will whiten your teeth. Firstly we use home whitening. For this procedure we use custom constructed mouth trays that are worn at night and filled with a whitening solution that we provide. Using this method the teeth will whiten, usually within the week, but may take longer for very dark teeth. Secondly we can provide deep bleaching (or laser whitening). In this procedure we use a very powerful light source to whiten the teeth in the surgery. This is normally done in about an hour under local anaesthetic.

Smile design is where dentistry meets art. In order to get the most functional, appropriate and beautiful smile, there can be several stages involved. A set of 9 photographs are needed to determine the appearance of the teeth and lips in speech and in smiling along with a set of very accurate study models. We can then use these photographs to generate a computer image of how your new teeth can look. Once we are sure you are happy then mock ups are made of the finished smile to double check that the shape is exactly what you would want.

When should children first be seen? Are there any other reasons for seeing a child at an early age? At Gentle Dental, we try to encourage children to be seen as early as possible. This has the effect of getting them used to the environment and reducing their concerns about a new experience. Occasionally we have to see very young children who have fallen and damaged their teeth, and it is much easier to treat a distressed child if he or she is familiar with the surroundings. What will you do on the first visit?

Smilelign is the next generation orthodontic system which allows the movement of teeth without the ugly brackets and wires of conventional orthodontics. The braces are removable which allows for hygienic cleaning and are clear and virtually see-through. Each appliance is made on a very accurate model of your teeth. Each appliance is produced to put subtle pressure on certain teeth to encourage them to move slightly over a period of a few weeks. Once the teeth have moved position then the next appliance is fitted which again causes the teeth to move a little bit further and so on until the teeth are in the final required position.