Over the years, the Practice has expanded and we are now bursting at the seams in our existing building. For these reasons, we took a decision to move to better premises and to this end, we are currently building a brand new, luxurious Practice building. In this, we will be offering a vastly enlarged range of services in attractive, state-of-the-art surroundings.

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  City Cramlington
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  Address Quarryside House/Middle Farm Sq
  Phone Number 016 7071 2100

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The General Dental Council requires dentists to check a patient's health condition regularly, and especially before any treatment is carried out. A lot of patient's are only visiting the practice every 6 months no for routine examinations, some are on yearly recalls, and in between exam appointments things can change. A patient may think they let us know about the changes last visit, when actually there is nothing recorded on your medical form. It would be irresponsible and un-professional for your dentist to accept "No change "as a satisfactory updates medical status.

Denplan payment plans are provided by Simplyhealth Professionals, the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist. They have consistently used a preventive approach to dental care and, with their unique and wide-ranging support services, have been looking after dentists and their patients for over 30 years. They support patients by allowing them to budget for their private dental care and encourage a preventive approach to oral healthcare. As the only consumer-facing brand in the payment plan market, Denplan payment plans are one of the most recognised names in dental healthcare among UK consumers.

We can't provide every solution here so if you have a query that isn't answered, email us and we'll try to help. Questions are divided into those which deal with administrative matters and those which relate to treatment. Please bring a list of medications that you currently take and any other relevant documents that you feel may help. We will endeavour to see patients with toothache as soon as possible and we have designated toothache appointments before lunchtime, so an early call is appreciated.

Please note that treatments over 199 can be paid over up to ten interest free monthly payments. Denplan offers an affordable monthly payment based on several dental risk factors and covers any treatment needs that you have at our practice.

Invisalign is a clear aligner system that straightens teeth. A series of clear shells are made to incrementally reshape your dental arches into the desired form. Small, tooth coloured composite 'buttons' are used in addition to guide the work of the aligners. Prices range from 1200 up to 3700. Cfast uses a more traditional brace system that is straightens front teeth. With clear brackets and a white wire it is more subtle than most other systems and treatment is often completed within six months.

If you would like your treatment to be carried out under finance, please bring your direct debit details to your first appointment with proof of ID (such as passport or driving license). Denplan is by far and away the biggest dental capitation scheme in the UK. Under Denplan, patients pay a monthly charge and within that charge, all checkups, scales and treatment are included. The huge benefit of this is that patients are no longer faced with potentially heavy charges when something is needed or goes wrong and this has proved over many years to be very attractive to our patients.