We hope that at Portland Street Dental Care here in Southampton, you will find the sort of practice you are looking for. We provide general dental care and have a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. Matthew Jones is a full member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists - one of the few members in Southampton and Hampshire.

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  City Southampton
  Postcode SO14 7EB
  Address 3 Portland St
  Phone Number 023 8033 5156

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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our practice website. Our goal at the practice is to provide the highest standards of dental care at all times, and in a manner tailored to meet your specific needs and wishes. All efforts will be made to make your visits with us as pleasant and memorable as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive dental care, giving special attention to every individual's specific needs, in the most comfortable and pain free environment.

Here at Portland Street Dental Centre in Central Southampton, we aim to inspire, educate and empower you to enjoy your Dental and Hygiene care. We combine a soothing atmosphere, outstanding patient care, and the latest techniques to create the ultimate in gentle dental care for our patients. Our philosophy is one of integrating Dentistry and physical well-being, promoting the important link of how your teeth may affect your health and your health may affect your teeth! We have experience in smile rejuvenation, taking worn, tired teeth and transforming them into bright, beautiful smiles.

Root canal treatment (also called Endodontics) is needed when the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected through tooth decay or damaged by an injury to your mouth. This infection may spread through the root canal system, which could eventually lead to an abscess, causing a great deal of discomfort. If root canal treatment is not carried out, the tooth may need to be taken out. Our dentists can perform root canal treatment to stop the infection from spreading and will preserve as much of your tooth as possible.

Bad breath is a very common problem and there are many different causes. Some people find that they have bad breath all the time and there may be an underlying medical cause for that, such as throat, nose or lung infections and sinusitis, bronchitis or diabetes. You can also suffer from bad breath if you have poor dental hygiene. Without regular brushing and flossing, bacteria and bits of food can get trapped in between your teeth, which release an unpleasant odour after some time. Another cause of bad breath is smoking.

Our Smile Plan enables you to spread the cost of your essential dental care. This tailor made scheme has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our patients and to reflect our preventative philosophy.

Studies show that mouth cancer is on the increase and that early detection dramatically improves the chances of recovery. Mouth cancer screening is a short procedure at the dental practice that involves a thorough examination of your whole mouth, including the use of a handheld scanning device that is used to examine any lumps or lesions that you might have. This will highlight any risk factors so we can treat or refer you as quickly as possible. It is recommended that you come in for a screening on a yearly basis.

Do you or your partner suffer from breathing difficulties during sleep such as snoring or obstructive sleep apnoea? You might be pleased to know that dentistry may have a solution for you. A series of oral devices or mouthpieces are now available and can be fitted by a dentist that will address your snoring problems by preventing the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep thereby preventing the closure of your airways, which will stop you from snoring. Such a custom-made mouth piece is made from impressions taken of your teeth to ensure they fit you comfortably.

We can provide written estimates prior for any treatment being performed unless it is an emergency appointment and treatment is unknown.