Ock Street Dental Care provides modern, high quality dentistry in a relaxing environment with a team of experienced and skilled Dental Surgeons. We are committed to maintaining your smile via regular visits to the dentist and resolution of oral health issues at an early stage, with the help of our Dental Hygienist, Dental Therapist and Orthodontist. Our services also include modern cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, restorative dentistry and dental implants, as well as anti-snoring devices which, help with the treatment of headaches and sports mouth guards.

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  • Oxford

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  City Abingdon
  Postcode OX14 5AG
  Address 45 Ock St
  Phone Number 012 3553 3777

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We understand that choosing a clinic to provide your dental and associated medical needs is an important one, so we have added this section to our website to highlight our core philosophy and give more details about our clinic and the experts that make Ock Street so special. Please browse our site to learn more about what makes Ock Street Clinic the right choice for you.

At Ock Street our orthodontic service is totally private. That means you can be assured that there are no waiting lists and no restrictions in the treatment we can offer you, no limits on the methods and materials available to suit you. Some treatment systems offer speed, some allow you to wear invisible braces nobody else can see, but most importantly it is for you to decide! Our facilities are comfortable, welcoming and clean. Our whole team is dedicated to your care and giving you a great experience.

As we age one of the effects is the downward sag of the midface. This results in the lateral extension of the tear trough until it effectively turns the youthful curve of the cheek into two curves, the lower of these curves extends into the nasolabial lines and into the jowl on the jawline. A facelift is an effective approach to the jowl, but doesn't replace the missing volume. A better solution is therefore to replace the missing volume, hence the popularity of deep cheek filler. Cheek filler is particularly effective on its own whilst you are in your 40s and 50s, and can be added to a facelift in your late 50s and 60s.

In the past it was assumed that to get the best in advanced dental treatments you had to go to Harley Street in London. However this is no longer true - you can get almost everything you could ever wish for your teeth under one roof at Ock Street Clinic in Abingdon. Our professionals are experienced and dedicated to their craft, they have travelled far and wide to gain the expertise they need to help you achieve superb results for your teeth, and our team was carefully assembled so that we can offer you access to all the disciplines needed for modern advanced dentistry.