To promote confidence in the asthetic appeal of your smile and improve your appearance, we are pleased to offer up-to-date cosmetic dentistry techniques to suit your own particular requirements. With many years of experience, we can address any aspect of your appearance that is of concern to you. Teeth can become discoloured with time, or they can be affected by the things we eat and drink. Tea, coffee, red wine and some foods can cause a darkening of tooth colour. Brightening procedures can be an effective method of lightening teeth.

Serviced Areas

  • Fareham & Gosport

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  City Fareham
  Postcode PO16 7BB
  Address South Wing/Fareham House/69 High St
  Phone Number 013 2982 3040

From Our Website

Based in Fareham, VIDA Dentistry is one of Hampshire's leading independent, private dental practices offering general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics and over 25 years of expertise in dental implants. VIDA Dentistry delivers high quality dental care for the whole family, with a focus on a high standard of service to achieve outstanding results. For your convenience we are offer appointments when it suits you; 6 days a week, evening and weekends. Our team are passionate and highly trained.

At VIDA we know you don't want dentistry, just a healthy set of natural teeth. We also know that with the best care your teeth can last a lifetime, yet this requires a firm commitment from you to regular dental appointments including hygiene visits. At VIDA we recommend hygiene appointments regularly to remove plaque and calculus from the teeth and gum line. For most of us, (dentists and hygienists included!) this means an appointment at least every 6 months. Our hygienists will help motivate you, gently clean away calculus (tartar) from your gum line and make sure you leave with a clear plan for caring for your teeth and gums at home.

For people who have suffered gum problems, it can be hard to know how to seek help or where to turn to. However, it can often be a straightforward problem to correct and all this can be done confidentially and discreetly at VIDA. The VIDA team works very closely with each patient to create bespoke courses of treatment, directly addressing specific problems or worries. Gum problems can return and over time cause unsightly gums, bad breath and social problems, therefore our team not only treats the gums but also educates you in spotting the warning signs and knowing how to manage problems in their early stages.

When having endodontic treatment to remove infection or pain from teeth, the slightest detail can make a huge difference to the final outcome. Our dentists all use magnification when completing your root canal work, so you can rest assured they are seeing your tooth is minute detail and taking the greatest of care. Our endodontic team is headed up by Dr. Jurgita Sybarite who has a special interest in more challenging cases and Jurgita has a microscope to allow her even greater control. Jurgita is happy to share her advice with you prior to your decision to proceed with treatment, through a complimentary appointment.

Our management team are highly dedicated and focused individuals, all committed to delivering the very best dental care for all VIDA patients. We have a clear and progressive vision for how private dentistry should be and how a VIDA patient should be cared for. We are happy to discuss any aspect of the VIDA journey with you or should you wish to hear more about how we work, our values and principles, please do contact us at VIDA. Louise knows VIDA and the team inside out. Louise joined our nursing team in 2007 leaving behind a practice management role to further her clinical nursing skills and experience at the cutting edge of private dentistry.

There is no Specialist list for dental implants however our dental implant team can demonstrate an advanced level of skill and experience in all aspects of dental implantology, which we believe sets us apart. We have received implant referrals from discerning dentists and patients across Hampshire (and beyond) for over 20 years. The VIDA implant team understands that an implant is a significant investment and that you want to get it right, first time. We also understand the difference between placing an implant, and placing it in the way in which will give you the most natural looking result.

At VIDA you receive a warm welcome from Louise and Abi who are happy to assist with any questions you may have either in advance, or after your appointment. They really are a lovely team and want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your time at VIDA. In 2016 Louise celebrated 30 years at our practice, which demonstrates what a fantastic team we have here and what a happy place the practice is. Louise originally trained as a Dental Nurse before moving to the role of receptionist. Our patients know that when they call the practice and speak to Louise their needs will be met with kindness, helpfulness and warmth that really sets us apart.

VIDA is a family run practice. This personal touch and heart is evident in all we do and create. We occupy a beautiful and spacious listed building in the heart of the historic market town of Fareham. We may seem big, but it really is just us. VIDA believes in attention to small details, the highest quality private dentistry, and providing the dentistry you need, when you need it, and with sound ethical principles. We believe in buying local, employing local people and using local services wherever possible.