Dr. Anoop Maini and Dr. Neera Maini of Leading Smiles offer general, cosmetic and sedation dentistry in their London and Luton offices. General Dentistry procedures include headache and jaw pain relief, dentures, root canal treatment, hygiene, invisalign and Dental implants. Cosmetic Dentistry procedures include porcelain veneers, lumineers, full mouth rejuvenation, cosmetic dentures, instant orthodontics, Cerec inlays and onlays, cosmetic bonding, crowns, bridges, Laser Gum recontouring, Zoom! Teeth Whitening.

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Now it is widely acknowledged that dental phobia as well as fear is something which deters most people from calling on a dentist and it's fairly normal for us to deal with patients who haven't gone to a dentist over thirty years because of their irrational fear. We are at hand to assist you conquer your dread of going to a dentist and if you are perusing this, it signifies that you have indeed taken your primary step in this regard. At London's Aqua Dental Spa a tiny dose of Tender Loving Care does wonders, we are on hand to pay heed to requirements and concerns, solve all your queries and make clear each step of your procedure in easily comprehensible terms.

Frequent check-ups or inspections are essential and serve as the foundation of our preventative oral health plan. Even if you follow an ideal dental hygiene program you can still suffer from dental problems, which you may be unable to identify yourself by looking in the mirror. But at London's Aqua Dental Spa we make use of unique intra oral high magnifiaction cameras so that we can study all angles of the teeth as well as gums on a big screen. Aqua Dental Spa's hygienists are extremely proficient and will clean your teeth expertly using the most modern pastes & polishes to get rid of any tartar and plaque, which is difficult to eliminate by only brushing or flossing.

Enter the world of Aqua Dental Spa and undergo superlative dentistry, right at the very centre of London. Our distinguished practice has been created focusing on patient comfort so as to make certain that you have an enjoyable dental experience. Our dentistry philosophy is patient centric and we pay heed to your smallest concern. The distinction we have acquired regarding our expertise in treating anxious patients all across the UK certainly has its roots in this considerate attitude to dentistry.

A dental implant is a tiny titanium post that serves as an artificial substitute for a tooth root that is missing. When surgically fixed into your jaw, dental implants "blend" with your jaw's bone tissue to develop a solid support for a false tooth or teeth. Implants are frequently used to support a bridge, crown, or to hold dentures securely in place. At London's Aqua Dental Spa we also provide miniature implants (Mini dental Implants) that are a widely preferred procedure for patients with slack dentures.

A dental bridge, on the other hand refers to a restoration that comprises of more than a single crown fixed together to seal a space (missing teeth) that exists between two supporting strong teeth. Aqua Dental Spa is amongst the select few dental clinics in London that has its own CEREC ceramic studio, onsite. This sophisticated technology helps us to manufacture and fix your porcelain crowns inside of an hour in a single visit. In addition, this technology makes it possible for us to monitor the contour, fit and hue of the dental crowns onsite.

Dental veneers and lumineers are extremely fine shells / laminates made of porcelain that are fitted over your anterior teeth surfaces. A number of people look at veneers as fake fingernails that cover your teeth. The attraction of veneers lies in them being custom made to fit any shape and size with surface traits that make them appear very real and perfectly match the neighbouring teeth. With the help of dental veneers it is possible to craft customized smiles. In London's Aqua Dental Spa we operate in association with the world's leading dental laboratories & ceramists, in the U.K. as well as New York to construct your veneers.

Have you always desired a flawlessly aligned smile, to close a space between teeth or put right your goofy unsightly teeth without the social embarrassment of sporting fixed metal braces (train tracks)? Now there is an innovative way to straighten your teeth employing invisalign undetectable braces. This orthodontic system makes use of a series of transparent aligners that are specially shaped to perfectly fit your crooked teeth and steadily place mild force on your teeth so as to realign them eventually.

At Aqua Dental Spa, you will positively enjoy a relaxing and pleasurable dental experience. It is our obligation to set to rest any fears you may harbour regarding calling on a dentist. We have done everything possible to make certain that we have set up a soothing, comfortable ambience for you to enjoy. Refreshments like coffee, tea, fresh fruit drinks and light snacks. Virtual reality eye trek glasses with a comprehensive DVD menu that you can view while having your dental treatment. An individual CD player fitted with sound proof headphones, and a wide selection of music for you to choose from.