The Maple Road Dental Practice was founded in 1954 by Mr Geoff Harper and is a dental practice with strong roots in the local community. Mr Pip Thomas bought the practice in 1981 and followed on from Mr Harper building the practice to its current size incorporating disabled access. The practice currently has a patient base of 8000+ patients served by 5 dentists, 4 Hygienists and a dedicated team of qualified dental nurses. The practice has expanded into other avenues of treatment and now has two Part Time State Registered Podiatrist/Chiropodist offering advice and treatment for any foot problems

Serviced Areas

  • Altrincham & Sale

Contact Details

  City Manchester
  Postcode M23 9HN
  Address 11 Maple Rd
  Phone Number 016 1973 0565

From Our Website

At our dental practice in Brooklands, Sale, we welcome new patients. The dentists at Maple Dentalcare take great pride in the number of referrals we receive from existing patients. We learn from our patients and we regularly ask for their feedback to help us improve our dentist services. We are proud of the positive feedback we continue to receive. So, if you want access to a preventative and cosmetic dentist in Brooklands, Sale, South Manchester that has your best interests at heart, make sure to get in touch and we will endeavour to help as best we can.

We have a consultation suite where you can chat with us in a relaxed, socially distanced environment away from the surgery setting to discuss any of our treatments without any jargon! If you are a nervous patient we can discuss therapy or sedation, both of which we offer here at the practice. If you are a new patient thinking of joining the practice, just call us on 0161 973 0565 to make an appointment and we will be more than happy to tell you all about the practice and answer any questions you might have.

Our Clinicians all have special interests in different aspects of dentistry. This enables us to provide most treatments within the practice without the need for referral to outside specialists. I hadalwayswanted to work in the medical field from the age of 14/15 and was interested in Medicine or Dentistry. When I looked at the career pathway, medicine was lengthy witha lotmore training to get to the peak of your career. The more I looked atdentistrythe more I realised it fitted the profile of what I wanted to do.

Maple Dentalcare use dental sedation procedures for those who have a fear or phobia about any dental treatments or require dental extractions or surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth. Using the latest and safest techniques in dental sedation, we can carry out general, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry and extractions for patients. If you have neglected your dental health because of deeply entrenched fears about dental treatment, dental sedation could be the answer you have been looking for.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of dentalcare for all the family. We aim to help you and your family to maintain healthy teeth and gums through excellence in preventative dental care and customer service. We also aim to make your visits with us as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We offer the best in dentistry to meet the needs of your whole family. Whether you come for restorations, teeth whitening, or children's dentistry, you can be assured we will do everything in our power to make your visit successful.

Nowadays it is no longer necessary for dentures to look false. The dental team at Maple Dentalcare in Sale Manchester can provide you with a natual looking and cosmetic denture allowing you to look good, whilst feeling confident and attractive. Craig Jack at Maple Dentalcare has post graduate training, and a special interest in, cosmetic denture treatments. Craig says Dentures vary greatly in quality and some do look inescapably false. Here at Maple Dentalcare we use very high quality teeth, as well as the plastic that holds the teeth.

All the equipment used at Maple Dentalcare is state of the art, including the digital radiography system reducing exposure to radiation by 90%. Maple Dentalcare's oral health team give individual advice on maintaining good oral health. We have clinics in the evenings and in school holidays to teach our young patients the importance of looking after their teeth. In 2013 our "Oral Health Team" were awarded the Gold Award for Prevention in Practice, by the National Health Service. We are very proud of the way we have responded to the changes in dentistry by keeping our patients and team members safe.