Herbrandston Dental Lab is associated with the dental practice at the same location. This means that you can have all dental treatment carried out in one location: the necessary and important oral health check up as well as any denture work required.

Unlike most dental practices in the UK, the dentists working at Herbrandston work with the prosthodontic technician in the surgery. This way the dentures made are made by means of the contribution of skills of several people: the dentist, the dental nurse, the dental technician and of course, most importantly, the patient. All in the same location at the same time. This means that the denture work is not sent away in the post, that the dentist can liaise immediately and directly with the technician, the patient can give immediate feedback (and avoiding wasted journeys) and that the manufacture time is reduced.

Patients with complex denture problems can be given more complex solutions to meet their needs. This includes:

1. Dentures that are copied from old dentures loved by the patient but no longer functional. This copy technique copies and improves a good denture so providing a less challenging set of new dentures.

2. Dentures that can be minimally designed with minimal bulk to improve comfort of wear by using metal structure rather than simply bulkier acrylic.

3. Dentures that can be locked in place by means of dental implants. See http://www.healthysmile.org.uk/implants.html

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Implant retained dentures
  • Cobalt Chromium metal based dentures
  • Quality, well fitting and comfortable, as well as realistic looking full dentures

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Association of Dental Technicians

Serviced Areas

  • Pembrokeshire

Payment Options

  • Private pay as you go or via private dental insurance, Installments over the period of manufacture (3 - 4 visits for a full set of dentures), Cash, Debit or Credit Cards accepted

Contact Details

  City Milford Haven
  Postcode SA73 3SJ
  Address Village Green Herbrandston
  Phone Number 016 4669 0580

Products & Services

Implant retained dentures

Dental implants can hold in or secure a wide variety of dentures: whether you have some teeth or no teeth. 1. You can replace all teeth with dental implants and fixed non movable bridges 2. You can replace strategic teeth to hold bridges or special dentures 3. You can place implants where no teeth to hold full denture in place without need for material in the roof of mouth (to reduce gagging) 4. You can simply have a couple of implants to reduce or resist movement of an existing denture - such as press stud or 'popper' fittings.

Quality, local crafted, Full set of dentures

Full dentures (upper and lowers) made on site by means of in surgery collaboration between dentist and technician (as well as the patient!). Highest quality, impact resistant acrylic used as well as quality multi toned, very natural appearing teeth. Cheap dentures use single toned press moulded teeth: we do not make these types of dentures. Patients often pay high prices for cheaply made dentures of sometimes dubious manufacture origin. We provide quality products manufactured on site by a skilled craftsman of many years experience. There is never any compromise in materials used or skills employed in ensuring the very best of results.