Our aim is to provide you with high quality dental care in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our clinic in Buckingham near Milton Keynes, is dedicated to preventative dental care and will work with you to ensure the long term health of you and your family's teeth and gums.

Serviced Areas

  • Milton Keynes, Towcester & Buckingham

Contact Details

  City Buckingham
  Postcode MK18 1BP
  Address 1a Cornwall Place
  Phone Number 012 8082 2567

From Our Website

You deserve a smile that you can be proud of. We create smile solutions from straightening crooked teeth to replacing missing teeth with dependable implants. You can visit us for a smile-makeover where we can straighten, repair, fill in and whiten your teeth for the superstar look. We help you maintain your healthy, beautiful teeth with home care advice and routine appointments. At The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre, we listen to you. We can only improve your smile if we know exactly what concerns you have.

The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre, a dental surgery with an accent on a creative rather than a clinical setting, has arrived in Buckingham. At The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre, we offer the very best facilities in order to provide the very best care. Beautifully designed within a grade II listed building, The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre combines leading edge dentistry techniques in calm contemporary styled rooms decorated with attractive art pieces. Relaxing music, a warm and genuinely friendly welcome and a lounge rather than a traditional waiting area, also help to set the scene along with our book share which has become popular with our patients to pop in and swap and share.

Your teeth can lose their youthful whiteness for a variety of reasons including smoking, trauma, certain medications and heavily pigmented food and drink. We can combat any discolouration and noticeably lighten your teeth with our safe whitening procedure. We use the Enlighten system, as it produces long-lasting results and features low sensitivity. The bespoke mould fits you perfectly and you simply wear this for around two weeks with the effective lightening gel. This at-home treatment is followed up with a final in-chair session.

If you are in pain or have damaged your teeth, there are some things you can do to prevent more damage or discomfort. Please read through these tips, and contact The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre on 01280 822567 as soon as possible. For our existing patients, please telephone The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre for out-of-hours and same-day emergency dentistry. Refit with toothpaste or temporary cement and contact your dentist. We endeavour to do most treatments in one visit, depending on how complex the treatment is.

If you are concerned about seeing the dentist, we can help calm your fears and ensure you get all the treatment you need. Digital Dentistry (intra oral scanning) will certainly help too, we offer some procedures and no longer need to take messy impressions (if you struggle with gag reflux, like many of us). Dental anxiety is very common, you are not alone and can range from mild concern about coming to see us, right through to a dental phobia, which makes even walking through the practice doors an impossibility.

When we repair teeth affected by decay, we don't use fillings that contain mercury - an often controversial metal used in traditional amalgam fillings. Instead, they are made from composite resin, which matches your natural teeth and provides an unnoticeable repair. This hard-wearing material bonds with the tooth to support the remaining structure and prevent further damage. At the Gallery Dental and Implant Centre we always strive to save an infected tooth and this is where root canal treatment can remove infected pulp from inside the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading and possibly leading to tooth loss.