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List of Marylebone based dental practices offering emergency treatments, cosmetic dentistry & implants, tooth whitening services.

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Here at the Harley Street Smile Clinic, Dr Maurice Johannes and his team aim to provide cosmetic dentistry to the highest aesthetic standards available. We concentrate solely on cosmetic dentistry, providing smile makeovers using porcelain veneers to straighten your teeth, close gaps and disguise discolouration. Our aim is to meet the aesthetic needs of our patients through state-of-the-art procedures,

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Thinking to straighten your craved teeth? Thinking how to treat your misaligned teeth? Then you can definitely go for Invisalign treatment. Adult Braces London is ready to offer your modern state of art Invisalign clear braces treatment at affordable cost. You can consult with best orthodontists here and take suggestion for your teeth. You will definitely acquire the shape that you are looking for

  • I was suffering teeth that had moved back after I stopped wearing my retainer. The dentists

I have a private practice at 33 Nottingham Place, near London's Baker Street Station. The practice deals with Aesthetic aspects of conservation, crown and bridge and implantology. Together with my DSA, receptionist and hygienist, we all enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with all our patients, many of whom have been with us for many years.

W1 Dental, situated in the heart of London's exclusive medical district is committed to dental excellence and treats all aspects of cosmetic and general dentistry. Our professional team is headed by Dr Yaron Miller, one of London's leading cosmetic dentists, with numerous international qualifications in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Our reputation has earned us widespread referrals which have

All of our equipment is of the latest technology. This all helps to ensure that any treatment is as pain-free and pleasant as we can make it. Sterilisation procedures are strictly followed, with all sharps disposed of and all other instruments going through a sonic bath and then autoclaved between every patient. Operating gloves and equipment wraps are changed between every patient.

Instead of screws joining the implant to the abutment, a locking taper joins the Bicon implant to the Bicon abutment. The locking taper or friction is a well known engineering principle that is used in orthopedic hip replacements; dentists use it each day with their dental lathes. The metal to metal contact means that there is no rotation once the abutment is properly tapped into the implant during

Central Dental Care is a brand new practice that opened in March 2003 but already has a 50-year history of association with Wembley. The partners have both been with the practice for over twenty years and have chosen a practice team to deliver high quality dentistry. Both NHS and Private patients are seen within the practice and our team welcomes new patients. Many of our treatments are now aesthetic

Established in 1978. The Devonshire Denial Clinic al London Wl has developed an enviable reputation for providing excellence in all aspects of dentistry as well as a dedicated preventative oral hygiene service: The Oral Hygiene Centre. Our highly qualified dentists and hygienists will ensure you always remain in the best and safest hands. When you pass through the elegant Georgian door into our reception,

Endodontics or root canal treatment is the means by which teeth can be saved, that would otherwise have to be extracted. Endodontics Specialist Dr Anthony Druttman has two Central London UK practices which are totally devoted to treating root canals. Endododontic treatment is provided in London's West End and in the City of London, UK. Root canal treatment (and especially re-treatment) can be a complex

Are you and your family looking for a new dental home' Would you like a healthy and beautiful smile' If so, why not come and meet Dr. Linda Greenwall and her team at Heath Health Care. Talented and approachable, Dr. Greenwall and her team are dedicated to providing high quality dentistry in a professional, friendly and relaxing environment. Helping you to achieve the smile of your dreams with tooth

A multi-lingual Clinic providing general and specialist dental treatment in a comfortable and safe environment. The Harley Street Dental Clinic provides friendly, caring and comfortable dental treatment in a safe environment. HSDC brings together surgeons with special skills, leading technicians whose craft is of the highest standard, and modern state of the art treatment facilities to ensure our patients

Endodontics is a dental specialty that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of dental pain, saving teeth and preparing the foundations for crown or bridgework. It also includes microsurgical techniques (apicectomy) beneath teeth to treat infections or abscesses and the internal bleaching of teeth. An endodontist will have specialized equipment as well as many years of experience in this restricted

Harley Street has been home to the medical profession for well over a hundred years, renowned Physicians and Surgeons have lived and practice here. Reviving that tradition we have decided to make number 33 our workplace and family home. In the heart of the medical world, traditionally associated with the finest care, we have equipped our rooms with state of the art technology. We are surrounded by

Times have changed and people talk freely about all sorts of issues that were previously taboo. However, bad breath is still one of those subjects that people just don't want to mention - not even to close friends and family. By visiting this site you may suspect that you are a bad breath sufferer. If you are a sufferer, you are already one step closer to finding a solution. The Fresh Breath Centre

Welcome to our General and Specialist Dental Practice in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. The Principal, Dr Russell B Tant established the dental practice in Harpenden in 1978. Over the years he developed expertise in cosmetic, restorative dentistry and root canal treatment. So much so that local dental practioners began to refer their difficult dental cases to the Harpenden and Wimpole Street practices.

At Smile beautiful we offer high quality orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry in London's private medical district. Patient care is paramount at Smile Beautiful and we provide a relaxing and comfortable environment. Dr Lionel Wainstein our Specialist London Orthodontist and treats both children and adults of all ages. He employs not only traditional orthodontic techniques but also dento-facial orthopaedic

Treatment of patients who through failure of previous dentistry, loss of teeth, accidents or malignancy require dental implants with or without treatment to remaining teeth. Dr Wise's restorative and surgical training and recognition by the General Dental Council as a Specialist in both Restorative Dentistry and Surgical Dentistry means that he is trained to provide both the surgical and restorative

Welcome to Forma86 the UKs leading Invisalign centre. Having completed 100's of successful Invisalign cases Dr Kumar has seen almost every type of orthodontic problem and with his experience he can even correct severely crooked teeth, to give you that perfectly aligned beautiful smile. We treat all aspects of cosmetic dentistry including smile makeovers and teeth whitening using the latest Zoom system.

Many people spend a great deal of time, money and effort on hairstyles, cosmetics, clothes and cars to look good, feel good and project the right image. Your smile is unique, it makes a potent and memorable statement. A spontaneous confident smile raises self esteem and projects an image of success and fulfilment - continuing to do so long after most other things have worn out, become unfashionable

Here at the Welbeck Clinic we believe that a healthy, good-looking, natural smile is not just something for the lucky few, but something we can all enjoy. And what a difference it can make to your confidence! Our clients are constantly telling us what a difference cosmetic dentistry has made to their lives.

Dr Philip Kurland qualified at Guy's Hospital, University of London, and has concentrated his main interest in the field of cosmetic dentistry for over thirty years. He has provided treatment for both men and women from all walks of life including the media and commerce. He has been a consultant to the BBC for their colour television transmissions and has lectured and published original works internationally.

At our cosmetic dentistry office in Central London, our highly trained clinicians utilize the most recent developments in equipment and practice to deliver peerless care and attention to each patient. You will enjoy a relaxed and courteous atmosphere at our facility. At Harley Street Dental Studio, our cosmetic dentists and staff are committed to providing you with the most singularly positive cosmetic

Our practice is dedicated to providing you with the SMILE OF YOUR DREAMS. Over the past 20 years we have developed the technology and expertise to provide you with the PERFECT SMILE, no matter what the challenges are. We also feel strongly that providing you with healthy teeth and gums is a vital part of our work. This can be achieved with a pain-free and relaxed and experience and in a way that is

We provide the highest quality of orthodontic care in a happy, friendly environment using specialised equipment and staff. By offering superior attention to detail we can give you beautiful straight teeth and a bright healthy smile to help you smile with confidence. Our site contains important information about Sarah Burns Orthodontics and will help you to become familiar with the types of orthodontic

The philosophy of this London dentist is to provide the highest quality of dental treatment available for all the family using the latest dental techniques and materials. Bobby Bandlish, our dentist, is proud that the dental practice was established in the 1930's, just off Harley Street, and most of the dental patients we treat have been referred by other Harley Street dentists, existing dental patients

At the friendly, long established and modern Baker Street Dental Clinic, cosmetic dentist Dr Boulis and Associates absolutely pride themselves in providing the best cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentists and dental care possible in a technically advanced environment. This clinic specialises in private cosmetic dentistry including Britesmile and teeth whitening systems to produce a beautiful smile.

London cosmetic dentist Justin Glaister is highly experienced, he has an international clientele and has performed cosmetic dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute of Neuromuscular and Cosmetic Dentistry. Umbrella offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, which include smile makeovers, implants, periodontics, teeth whitening and dental veneers. Using the world's finest materials and resources

Based in an elegant, Georgian building in the heart of London's private medical community, cosmetic dentist Dr. Anthony Zybutz and his team of professionals provide a welcoming, comfortable and relaxing environment in which they provide the very highest standard of cosmetic and traditional dentistry. Dr. Zybutz and his team practise minimally invasive dentistry in a holistic way; pre-treatment assessment

Cosmetic dentists Dr Peter Jensen and Dr Jonathan Hall have been appointed the personal dentist to a number of leading members of state and principal families across the world. At One Harley Street, Dr Peter Jensen and Dr Jonathan Hall are complemented by a team of qualified Nurses, Technicians & Dental Hygienists all of whom ensure that our patients are always cared for and supported in a welcoming

We fully understand a visit to the dentist is hardly the most relaxing occasion, yet regular check-ups and good oral hygiene advice can ensure you look after your teeth and gums properly. We ensure your visits are unhurried and, when necessary, can provide various treatments to help relieve any anxieties you may have. We pride ourselves on making dentistry a pleasant experience for all our patients

Your dentist may have discussed with you the benefits of having healthy teeth and proper jaw alignment. Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean and maintain. This can result in tooth decay, worsen gum disease and lead to tooth loss. Other orthodontic problems can contribute to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing function, excessive stress on gum tissue and the bone that supports

Before moving forward with any tooth-whitening procedure, our dentist will examine your mouth and gums to ensure they are healthy. If any problems are detected that require attention before your teeth can be whitened, a full explanation of any other treatment needed, together with an estimate will be provided. The tooth whitening offer of £199 applies to the beWhite home tooth whitening system. Our

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